Schoenstatt Girls' Youth


A little bit of history...

Schoenstatt was founded the youth, with boys to be sure, but still with young people. The Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth officially came into being August 15, 1931, and it made its way to the US in the late fifties.

The goal of a Schoenstatt girl is to be a reflection of Mary, in essence a little Mary. The ideal of the Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth here in the USA is to be a Holy Springtime of the Father.

In this culture of death that is around us we want to bring new life, new hope, new strength, an enlivening of who we are as persons, as children of a father, our God. 

Every year the high school and college level Schoenstatt Girls gather together for a retreat to find a motto for the coming year to guide us in attaining our great ideal: another Mary in our world! As Schoenstatt Girls we meet in our respective groups once a month. These groups have their own ideal and symbol. Throughout the year there are camps and retreats run by the Schoenstatt Sisters open to any Catholic girl belonging to or who is interested in Schoenstatt.

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Ver Sacrum Patris Youth Logo

Ver Sacrum Patris Youth

Girls 14 and above join the Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth. They strive to become reflections of Mary with the desire to help lead the world homeward to the heavenly Father. The material the girls cover includes:

  • developing a personal value system which is influenced by faith, self-knowledge, coming to recognize and follow God’s providence in their lives,
  • self- education,
  • Schoenstatt history and spirituality (covenant of love, everyday sanctity, and instrumentality), and
  • preparation for a consecration to Mary known in Schoenstatt as the covenant of love.

Marian Apostles Symbol

Marian Apostles

Girls between 9-13 years old belong to Schoenstatt as Marian Apostles. To be an apostle means to be a person who is given and sent on a mission. The girls strive to become apostles of Mary through their thoughts, words, and actions. The program material introduces the girls into the history of Schoenstatt, and the stories of young people who loved Mary and their faith. The girls take upon themselves basic commitments to the faith and strive to form their consciences in the choices they make.

Mary's Little Crowns

Mary's Little Crowns

Girls from ages 6-9 years old belong to Schoenstatt as Mary’s Little Crowns. They strive to resemble Mary with the joy and dignity of a child worthy of a crown. This in turn gives Mary joy. In Sacred Scripture St. Paul tells his listeners, “You are my joy and crown.” (Phil. 4:1) This basic biblical message is reflected in Mary who loves and cherishes us as her joy and her little crowns. 

The program material leads the girls to grow in love for Mary and the Church. It teaches basic knowledge of Catholic Marian devotion (for example: feast days, the holy rosary, names of Mary, pilgrimage places, Mary’s virtues, etc.) and how Schoenstatt honors our Lady. Each group meeting corresponds to the school year and is held at least once a month.